Brussels Sprout and Cherry Tomato Hash

I’m having a love affair with Brussel’s sprouts.

Brussels Sprout and Cherry Tomato HashIf I walk into any grocery store in a dazed, post-work stupor, I typically lunge right for the sprouts, returning home to attempt any number of simple, comforting preparations, from whole-roasted with cloves of garlic to shredded into a lightly sauteed slaw. The obsession all started with the Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Dig Inn, a small chain of quick-service (but super high quality) restaurants in NYC that serve super healthy, super high quality “real food.” Those sprouts are like crack, and they are the drug of choice in my office.

All other recipes paled in comparison to those sprouts.

And then I magically created this. (I’ll admit it — a few months ago!)

One day, right after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and I returned from a (perfectly timed) vacation, I walked into my local grocery store to find a massive sale on all things produce. (I’m guessing this had to do with that whole “no power” thing). Brussels sprouts for $1.50 a container! Orange cherry tomatoes for $1.99! I nearly died I was so happy. So I (naturally) overfilled my basket with both, convincing myself I could create something of substance from my little green and orange friends.

That night, I shredded some sprouts, sliced some tomatoes, and went searching through cabinets for anything else to make it special. My tride and true favorite, balsamic vinegar, some onion, half an orange, and (of course) wine. What resulted was sweet with just a hint of tartness, and a divine partner to sticky brown rice. The next day, it perfectly topped a roast chicken breast. I’m pretty much convinced this combo would be good on top of just about anything — maybe even ice cream (though don’t quote me on that).

Brussels Sprout and Cherry Tomato Hash

Serves 2

What You’ll Need:

1 small container brussels sprouts, trimmed and sliced
1/2 cup orange cherry tomatoes, quartered lenghwise
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/4 onion (or shallot), chopped
1/2 cup water (or white wine)
juice from half an orange
salt and pepper
olive oil

What to Do:

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan.

Sautee onion until it begins to soften.

Throw in the sprouts and water (or wine).

Cook over medium until the sprouts begin to soften and the water is mostly absorbed, stirring occasionally.

Once the water’s absorbed, add the tomatoes and a few tablespoons more water, if it looks like you need it.

Cook until the tomatoes begin to soften.

Add the vinegar and orange juice and cook down until the vinegar has evaporated (about 5 minutes).

Serve with brown rice, and a simple protein like roast chicken if desired.

3 thoughts on “Brussels Sprout and Cherry Tomato Hash

  1. Yum! I am a sprout fanatic too. You could have never told 10-year old me that 28-year old me would say that. Lol! Another favorite way I’ve had them prepared was with this heavenly garlic cream sauce. It was at a restaurant that didn’t exist anymore. :( If I ever hope to enjoy it again I’ll have to figure out how to recreate it. Oh – and in this past month’s issue of Food Network magazine there was a drool-worthy recipe for a brussel sprouts and bacon grilled cheese sandwich… (drool). Lol!

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