About Me.

Photo by Nicole Fara Silver

Photo by Nicole Fara Silver

There are two things I’ve come to realize as an adult:

1. Cooking every day keeps me sane and makes me happy.

2. It really, really, truly does not have to be complicated. Even a simple piece of toast topped with smashed avocado and a fried egg can make me smile.

Hence the name: Season Simply. Cooking should be stress-free, fun, easy, and enjoyable. And you don’t need a lot of time or a pantry full of crazy products to do it well. For me, the “season simply” motto applies outside of the kitchen, too. Happiness in life is about the details, but those details don’t need to be complicated or require much time or money.

So this is what you’ll find here:

  • Delicious recipes. Easy, delicious recipes. Most likely ones that take less than 30 minutes to make. (Mostly because I am insanely impatient in the kitchen and will do anything to make food cook faster.)
  • Cooking “hacks.” Easy things you can do to make already easy cooking skills even easier.
  • Easy (do you see a trend here?) DIY home projects. Like how to make “unpaintings” and homemade coasters (because who likes glass rings?!). (Stay tuned for these things in the coming months…)
  • Many (hopefully) beautiful photos. I’m definitely an amateur “photographer,” but one of my goals here is to improve those skills. So hopefully they get better with time!

Hope you’re entertained by my blogging (and cooking) journey! And please let me know if you ever want to know more.

Bon nuit, mes chéries! And bon appétit, too!

Note: Anything posted on or related to this website is a product of my personal business and brand only, and does not in any way reflect the opinions or business dealings of my employer. 

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